Spotify 0.4.3 Free Music Re-Invented.

From the land of Abba, Saab, 1/2 of Skype and the Volvo, comes the new version of Spotify; the dopest on-line music service.  Sure, you have infinite possibilities to listen to music these days: there are plenty of streaming music services, online radio stations, iTunes, and that soon to become obsolete collection of CDs that your brother left behind when he moved in with his girlfriend. Still, there is nothing quite like the new upgraded Spotify 0.4.3.

Granted, Spotify’s service is only available on a handful of European countries, but just like old Europe has lead the US on the wide adoption of mobile technologies, I predict that services such as Spotify will soon make the jump or be copied across the pond. It is inevitable.

So, what has Dope Daddy almost wishing to cash in his frequent travel miles and book a ticket to the nearest Spotify-active country? Where to begin? Not only does Spotify provide you with a way to listen to “All Music, All the Time”, with it you can find and play “any track you like, any time you like… Any artist, any album, any genre – all available instantly. With Spotify, there are no limits to the amount of music you could listen to. Just help yourself to whatever you want, whenever you want it”- did I mention that it was free?

Well it is, and so you may be wondering how the damned thing got any better? Well, the new version of Spotify now counts with over 17 new features, all of which make it a breeze to create collections of music and share them with your friends using social media sites such as Facebook. If you thought that it was hard to improve on “free”, well these guys did.



2 thoughts on “Spotify 0.4.3 Free Music Re-Invented.”

  1. I came across Spotify for the first time a few months ago whilst spending the evening with some younger friends. They were listening to the host’s collection on Spotify and extolling the joys of some Italian tune which I think was ‘house’ (oh God Im showing my age again) but it seemed very familiar.

    When my elderly brain finally kicked in, I realised that it was a sample from Amen Corner’s ‘If paradise is half as nice…’. So, plucking up my courage, I told them so.

    They looked at me as if I was mad, but I insisted… and so they looked for it on Spotify.

    A few moments later, there is was coming out of the computer, a relatively obscure track from the 60s in all its glory and absolutely the basis for the song that they loved.

    I had so much kudos for the rest of the evening, thanks to Spotify :)

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