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A city bus covered in hand-maid embroidery and other artesanal decorations, sits parked at Mexico City's Museo Nacional De Las Culturas Populares

A Museum for the Best of Popular Art

Spend any amount of time in Mexico, and you realize that Mexicans are enamored with paint, form, and color. Everywhere you look there is a detail, an adornment to even the most rudimentary of things. It is a true Mexican Mania that permeates the landscape: a pair of sneakers, a vase, a doorway. Thankfully, the Mexicans also recognize that Popular Art, as a whole, is an international form of expression, so they built a museum in the Southern Part of Mexico City that honors this universal form of human expression: The Museo Nacional de las Artes Populares (National Museum of the Popular Arts.)

You can visit the museum’s web-page here (Spanish Only) and enter a world where the street artist takes a rightful place along music, sculpture, and the ordinary. A truly extraordinary place, this is. Dope!


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Life-size X-wing fighter made out of Legos.

Out of this world Lego Starfighter.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and, for Dope Daddy most things Star Wars (except for a certain thing called Jar-Jar) fit the bill, so when the guys behind the best children parks in the world (Legoland, of course) released this video, I declared it to be, well completely Dope!


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