Welcome to Dopetastic, a depository off the coolest things on line according to me!

In case you were wondering, Dopetastic is a composite words: Dope, which means  cool, nice, awesome, hot, & phat! and Fantastic, which is a word which refers to something based on fantasy : not real; conceived by unrestrained fancy; unbelievable; exceedingly  great; eccentric, excellent, superlative!

: Totally cool, nice, awesome, hot, phat & fantastic.

The site, launched in 2009 was based on the idea of creating a vault filled with things that make you go Wow! In a good way. Things that make you think, things that will make you, this world (and those that come after all us us better). It is  not a tree-hugging site. It is not a religious experience.

It is not a technology site, or a site about design, movies, business, or WEB 3.0. It is a place for inspiration, maybe a bit of reflection, some laughs, brilliance, wackiness, dopiness, and, above all “awesomeness.” It is the kind of page where I would want my friends, family, and other loved ones  to spend some time.It is the place where I want my friends, family, and other loved ones to share the cool stuff that makes them go Wow! In a good way.

The place is open to all of you, my friends, readers, family, and visionaries. Contact me if you want to contribute, or send me a link, to any post, video, or just totally dope thing that you may have authored, read about, or came across as you surfed.

Thanks, for  stopping by. Hope you enjoy it.

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